Barking from dogs causing disturbance for neighbours

Neighbours of a residence where dogs are bred and kept in kennels are bringing action against the owner of the home and also against the person who is breeding the dogs.

Ballina District Court heard on Tuesday that neighbours of Kathleen Killeen, Tubbernavine, Lahardane, are being disturbed by the noise of dogs barking in the small housing development. Peter Loftus, solicitor for Killeen, said that she does not breed the dogs but David McElligott, 75 Rathmeal Lawns, does at the home.

Solicitor for the five complainants, Rory O’Connor, said that the noise is an “ongoing nuisance 24 hours a day” from the varying number of Alsatian dogs and puppies being kept in kennels beside the premises. On one day 11 dogs were counted and there was also an unknown number of puppies.

Mr O’Connor said that neighbours are no more than 40 to 50 metres from the home and there are seven children under 10 living in the small development.

Judge Mary Devins gave the case a hearing date of February 11.


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