Radical changes needed in approach to jobs crisis — Calleary

The Fianna Fáil spokesperson on jobs Dara Calleary has said that radical changes are needed in the Government’s approach to tackling the jobs crisis.

Responding to reports that the Cabinet is to meet on the issue later this month, Deputy Calleary commented: “Despite all the headline-grabbing action plans and jobs initiatives over the past 18 months, the Government has failed dismally at making any dent in the jobs crisis. Most worryingly, long term unemployment has got considerably worse and we know from bitter experience the scar that this can leave on society and the economy.

“I sincerely hope that this year marks a radical change in the Government’s approach. The Taoiseach has indicated that the Cabinet will discuss its jobs strategy at the end of this month. This cannot be yet another window-dressing exercise. Ministers need to agree a change in direction on tackling unemployment that is focused on substance rather than spin.”

Dep Calleary has accused the Taoiseach of coming to the conclusion that ministers are not currently engaging in a “well-executed, coordinated response” to the unemployment crisis by his very action of calling the special Cabinet meeting.

“This year we need to see less PR announcements and more action that results in real jobs in communities across the country,” Dep Calleary concluded.


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