Healthy eating and nutrition for strong teeth and alveolar bone

Alveolar bone makes up the part of your jaw that surrounds each of your teeth. The connective tissue, collagen, periodontal ligaments and alveolar bone together hold each tooth in place so you can chew your food without fear of loosening or losing teeth. Nutrients from your diet affect both your alveolar bone and your teeth, and consuming specific nutrients can help maintain the heath of these tissues.

Almost all the calcium in your body makes up your bone and tooth tissue. The loss of calcium from these tissues leads to a decrease in your bone density, weakening your alveolar bones. Calcium from your diet helps ensure your body has enough to maintain healthy alveolar bones and teeth, and adequate vitamin D helps you properly use calcium to maintain the health of these tissues.

Your bones, teeth and the connective tissues surrounding each tooth all contain large amounts of collagen, a type of protein. Getting enough vitamin C helps your body produce collagen and helps to ensure that you can maintain the health of collagen-rich tissues.

A study published in Biofactors in 2005 found that individuals with gum disease — a condition that leads to alveolar bone and tooth loss — have low levels of vitamin E in their gum tissue. Eat almonds, avocado and olive and canola oils as sources of vitamin E.

If you suffer loosening teeth or gum disease schedule an appointment for ISHSKO’s holistic periodontal treatment that includes the use of non-toxic alternatives to commercially available mouthwashes and toothpaste and bone supporting light therapy.

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