Vhi Healthcare pays €26.8 million in claims for Mayo customers

Vhi Healthcare paid out €26.8 million in claims for the healthcare needs of its customers in Mayo. The biggest spend involved claims for the treatment of cancer amounting to almost €4.6m, including just over €1m spent on claims for breast, bladder, and prostate malignancy. Orthopaedic procedures including replacement knee and hip joints, fractures, and back problems accounted for a further €4.2m of total spend, followed closely by heart and circulatory conditions which cost €3.2m to treat. Claims benefit of €1.45m was allocated to cover 750 claims for arthritis and rheumatism.

Customers from Mayo admitted to hospital for treatment of digestive system problems such as stomach ulcers, gallstones, inflammatory bowel disease, etc, incurred costs of almost €2.5m. Additionally, €2m was allocated for claims associated with the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord ) and included expenses relating to the treatment of strokes, brain haemorrhage, damage to nerves, and many other conditions. Some €2.8m was allocated to investigation of non-specific symptoms and illnesses and claims for which no final diagnosis could be established.

Mental health issues for people living in Mayo— including treatment for depression, anxiety, personality disorders and psychoses came to more than €1m. Respiratory problems that included pneumonia, asthma, viral infections, etc, cost over €1.58m to treat.


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