Seasons eatings!

The average Irish person will gain up to half a stone over the festive period as the temptation of never-ending chocolates, mince pies and savoury snacks get the better of them.

The season of goodwill brings good cheer, eating and drinking and many of us indulge in all sorts of fattening fare which invariably leads to those unwanted Christmas pounds. During Christmas revelry, food often becomes the centrepiece. According to the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, on Christmas Day people can eat and drink their way through up to 6,000 calories. Joyous overeating is followed by strict resolutions to lose weight come New Year’s Day but many people struggle to undo the damage caused by all those fatty foods.

According to Motivation Weight Management, the season of goodwill does not have to be laden down with calories and for those who want to plan a little ‘damage limitation’ they have a great light and tasty menu to help get through the season’s eatings. They also draw attention to the staggering comparison in Christmas Day calories. The light and tasty Christmas Day comes in at just 1,165 calories which leaves some room for manoeuvre and even a festive spirit or two.

Healthy Christmas Day alternative

Light and tasty Christmas Day

Breakfast: Two grilled rashers and mushrooms (120Cal ).

Lunch: Starter: Quarter of a melon (60 Cal ).

Main: Turkey and ham, stuffing made from wholemeal bread, bread sauce made with water, broccoli cooked with cabbage, sugar free cranberry sauce, half cup mashed potatoes (530 Cal ).

Dessert: Trifle made from sugar free jelly and fruit (35 Cal ).

Supper: Salad with cold meats (210 Cal ).

Half a cup of fruit cocktail (120 Cal ).

Total calories* 1, 075Cal


Breakfast: Full Irish (1,065 Cal ).

Lunch: Starter: Smoked salmon and bread (292 Cal ).

Main: Turkey and ham, roast potatoes, stuffing, bread sauce, carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts, gravy, cranberry sauce, cheese, crackers (1,500 Cal ).

Dessert: Christmas pudding, custard and brandy butter (687 Cal ).

Supper: Turkey and ham sandwich (450 Cal ).

Mince pie and cream (368 Cal ).

Christmas cake (350 Cal ).

Total calories* 4,025Cal

* Calories are estimates as they depend on portion sizes

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