Tired of your current hair colour? Try Aveda customised hair colour from Petals

Aveda customised hair colour is a truly individual hair colour for more natural results. Created with a conscience, Aveda full spectrum permanent hair colour is naturally derived (from plant and non-petroleum minerals ) and so infuses the hair with incredible condition and shine for essentially damage free results. The fade resistant formulas are created with an environmental and social conscience that you can feel good about, and thorough grey coverage.

At Petals, Bridge Street, Westport Aveda colourists can create any shade from decent to daring, using castor, jojoba, coconut, and babassu oils with powerful antioxidants, red tea rooiibos, and green tea extract.

Using the Aveda three step home care, it seals the colour in for up to six weeks. So from blondes to vibrant reds, this new formulation is now 28 per cent more fade resistant than before.

Exclusive to Petals, Westport, Aveda hair colour is now on sale — less 30 per cent — visit for a free consultation, patch testing is mandatory. Book now on 098 25570.


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