A clean chimney is a safe chimney

“A clean chimney is a safe chimney,” is the motto of local chimney sweep Paul Bordiss. With winter well and truly arrived there is nothing more cosy than cuddling up in front of a roaring fire be it coal, turf, or wood. However it has been statistically proven that more chimney fires occur at this time of year than at any other time. Out-of-use blockages and accumulated soot can combust unknown to the home dweller, resulting in a possible fire service callout. This generally costs four times the price of getting a chimney cleaned, not to mention potential smoke and water damage to interiors.

A chimney should be swept at least once a year to prevent costly fires within the home.

Having relocated to Mayo from England this year, Paul Bordiss is recommencing his long established chimney cleaning service locally.

A chimney sweep since 1996, he is trained by the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS ), which has a strict code of practice. Bordiss’s extensive experience in the trade means he is well qualified to estimate the build up of soot from coal, wood, oil and gas fired appliances, like open fires and stoves. He will clear obstructions and provide valuable advice about fuel efficiency and ongoing maintenance.

Clean chimneys help the environment by assisting in the complete burning of fuel, which in turn reduces smoke and emissions. Give Paul Bordiss a call today on 087 355 5302 or have a look on www.paulbordiss.com


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