Unemployment in Mayo continues to soar

Unemployment figures continue to rise and in the six months since April 1,820 more people are sighing on in Mayo. The live register in Mayo stood at 5,795 last April while the most recent figures for October show them standing at a staggering 7,615.

In response to this the Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny TD has expressed anger that the Government is still failing to tackle unemployment in this county.

With a percentage increase of 31.4 per cent signing on during those six months, Deputy Kenny has issued a stinging attack on Fianna Fáil.

He outlined that one person is now losing their job every three minutes. “Nearly 70,000 people have lost their jobs since Brian Cowen became Taoiseach, and there are now more people on the live register than when Fianna Fáil came to power in 1997. Enough is enough as the Government has failed to realise that unemployment is the human cost of economic mismanagement. The Government has thrown in the towel on unemployment in the same way it has thrown in the towel on public services and the public finances.”


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