Micro-needling at Mulroys in Castlebar for a surgery-free facelift

Micro-needling at Mulroys Beauty Clinic in Castlebar is a new anti-ageing facial that promises amazing results – and with good reason. The treatment which engages a roller type system of micro-needles to run across the face and neck area, has already garnered a celebrity following where it is being adopted as the nearest thing to a natural facelift.

Medical-micro-needing is not just good for softening wrinkles and increasing collagen production, but it also treats acne scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and pigmentation – proving more effective in some cases than treatments such as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peel.

It should be noted that micro-needling is not however for the faint-hearted. While some report feeling little or no pain on application of the needles, for others it can feel quite sensitive on the skin to have the micro-needle roller move across the face. In some cases the initial result can be a red face for a few hours but, once the skin calms down again, expect to enjoy terrific benefits.

How it works is that micro-needling rollers use up to 540 very fine needles to injure the skin sufficiently deeply to penetrate the collagen/elastic production layer. This in turn stimulates greater production of collagen over time with the promise of a newly filled out and softer looking skin in 12 weeks.

Stimulating the body’s own collagen production helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, skin laxity and scarring such as that caused by acne or chicken pox. It has also been successfully applied to the indication of hair restoration in cases of alopecia.

Micro-needling at Mulroys is carried out by Mary Mulroy who will carefully talk clients through the procedure, which is described as safe, skin-friendly, and with minimal risk of complications. Although instantaneous results are not promised, do not be surprised to note improved texture and new radiance in your skin within days of your first micro-needling treatment

For best results, micro-needling is recommended as a course of treatments, starting with one a month for three to four months, with perhaps a top-up every six months or so. The initial treatment costs €150 with subsequent treatments at €100.

Mulroy’s Beauty Clinic, Main street, Castlebar, on 094 902 3785 or find it on Facebook.



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