Have your diet and nutritional needs assessed

Do you struggle with access weight, sluggishness, mood swings. Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Have your diet and nutritional needs assessed and optimised by the nutritional team at the ISHSKO Centre, Westport.

The biggest problem we face as a nation is our imbalanced nutritional quality of our meals and the excess intake of carbohydrates. A high-carbohydrate diet can contribute to: constant hunger, allergy symptoms, perpetual weight gain, susceptibility to colds, exhaustion and fatigue, hormone imbalance, mental fogginess, heartburn/acid reflux. Something must be done to stop the constant bombardment of sugar in your system and ensure your body gets the nutrients it requires.

The faulty food guide pyramid

The left pyramid is based on standard Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) recommendations. The right pyramid is based on the science of how your body works.

Take a look at the serving sizes for the FDA’s faulty food pyramid. The FDA pyramid lacks vital nutrients and results in people who are tired, overweight and hungry.

The corrected food pyramid on the right has been flipped upside down. It demonstrates the highest level of appetite fulfilment, reasonable serving sizes and excellent nutrition. The results: slim, energised and satisfied people.

Take charge of your own health! Give the ISHSKO Centre a call and have your diet optimised in order to take your first steps to a positive and healthy lifestyle.



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