Tea drinkers in Connacht enjoy three cups a day

Lyons Tea research conducted by Amárach Research, has revealed that more than half of Connacht tea drinkers (56% ) feel that someone knows them if they make them a cup of tea to their liking. Additionally, almost one in four (24% ) state they judge people on their tea-making skills.

The Lyons Tea research which delved into our fondness for the perfect cuppa, has also shown that more than 87% of people from Connacht drink tea each week, and the majority of tea drinkers from Connacht (41% ) make at least three cups of tea each day in work alone.

The ideal shade of tea varying from ‘perfect tan’ to ‘milky way’, found that‘’perfect tan’ is the best tea shade for almost one in four tea drinkers from Connacht (24% ) without sugar or sweetener for the majority (61% ) - because Connacht people are sweet enough!

The survey also found that 80% of Connacht tea drinkers consider tea as a source of comfort, and 84% enjoy a cup of tea when trying to unwind. For almost three in four people (76% ), a cup of tea during the day perks them up.

Dr Eddie Murphy, Clinical Psychologist (of RTE’s Operation Transformation fame ), commented on the findings, as follows: “It’s interesting to see what impact tea can have on relationships. It’s about noticing the small little things, the little things that become big things that enliven relationships. Small courtesies, warm smiles and making a cup of tea the way someone likes it, shows recognition and awareness - that you care about them. When people make tea for someone they’re making an emotional connection which in turn increases fondness and trust, thus enabling the relationship to grow and develop.”

He continued; “Unsurprisingly an overwhelming majority consider tea as a source of comfort – the ultimate problem solver. It’s the first thing we do when we hear bad news and in turn have something to celebrate.”



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