New exhibitions at Custom House this June

There are two new exhibitions running in the Custom House studio until June 24. The exhibitions will consist of work from Ger Sweeney and Brid Danaher. Sweeney says of his current exhibition: “For my current series of new work I have taken a broader, more exploratory approach, the intention being to engage with spontaneous and painterly aspects, to allow the work to evolve and diversify. In order to experiment with and present this approach, I decided to work on a small scale, and in very limited series and variations, too see where it would take me.

In many cases this has resulted in quite figurative pieces, which are then mined for abstract and painterly potential in larger pieces. In others I have painted blind (without a strategy ) until a narrative emerges. This has led to a number of quite abstract pieces.”

Brid Danaher has a passion for colour. She observes beauty in objects that have otherwise exhausted their usefulness, an old forgotten boat, or a rusted chain. She works in a intuitive rather than a calculated manner, using both oils and acrylics. She has a love of earthly colours and the use of thick rich impasto. Her works explore colour as reflected in the ever changing world of nature.



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