Harlequin Hotel Houses Summer Exhibition

The Harlequin Hotel will house the current collection of work "Fortress" by local artist Vivianne Maloney over the summer months. Vivianne, from Islandeady, Castlebar, graduated in Fashion Design from Limerick School of Art and Design and has since worked in the fashion industry in Ireland.

Vivianne’s expressive style, her use of vivid colours and the textures she creates convey much emotion which she ascribes to her current role as trainee psychotherapist. The influence of her fashion design background is also visible, with her use of illustration and suggestions of the female form. "It is fantastic to have this opportunity to exhibit in The Harlequin Hotel and I sincerely thank the management for their support. It opens my work up to a wider audience and the feedback has already been so positive" said Viviane.



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