Ninety per cent of business leaders support a Yes vote – Mulherin

Fine Gael TD, Michelle Mulherin, has said that a new survey which shows 90 per cent of business leaders support a Yes vote in the Fiscal Compact Treaty Referendum highlights the importance of a positive result. The survey, carried out by IBEC, is based on the replies of more than 400 CEOs.

“This IBEC survey shows not only do 90 per cent of CEOs believe a Yes vote is important to the future prosperity of their business, 83 per cent believe it will have a positive impact on Ireland’s ability to attract foreign direct investment,” Dep Mulherin said.

“Furthermore, the survey gives an interesting perspective on the impact of a rejection of the treaty, with 87 per cent of business leaders believing it will limit our ability to do business in Europe. At the moment, 60 per cent of our exports go to the EU. As the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone, we are in a great position to further capitalise on this market. Why would we want to put this at risk?

“A Yes vote will help to deliver the certainty and stability needed for job creation. We’ve seen thousands of jobs created by companies like Apple, Mylan, Cisco, HP and Paypal in recent months. Clearly Irish business leaders believe our ability to continue to attract this kind of investment would be severely hampered by a rejection of the treaty.

“According to IBEC, Irish companies are making a direct link between passing the treaty and the future success of their own businesses. These are job creators operating in the real economy and I think their views should not be ignored.

“We need to give ourselves the best possible chance of continuing with this progress. The treaty won’t solve everything, but it will be a key step as we rebuild a working Ireland.”


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