IDA visit former Volex and APC plants

Following a motion submitted by Cllr Ger Deere and passed at Castlebar Town Council, Mayor Cllr Eugene McCormack wrote to the CEO of the IDA, Barry O’Leary, requesting that they visit the former Volex and APC plants on the Breaffy Road in Castlebar which are now disused.

With the support of the Taoiseach’s office the meeting was arranged for last Wednesday, March 14, and the Mayor, Cllr Deere, and Cllr Heneghan accompanied by the director of services Seamus Granahan met Frank Conlon, property manager, and Catherina Blewitt, IDA regional manager, at the properties. Both premises were viewed with the intention of making the IDA fully aware of what was available in Castlebar with the aim of attracting investment and jobs to the town.

Seamus Granahan emphasised that the town council and county council would do everything humanly possible to accommodate any investor who wished to consider Castlebar as a place to do business. The outcome is that the most senior people in the IDA are now fully briefed on what is available in Castlebar and this will increase the chances of investment in the town.


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