€5.3 million awarded to personal injury claimants in Mayo

InjuriesBoard.ie today, which published a review of 2011 data, shows that compensation totalling €5.3 million was awarded in 2011 to Mayo claimants in respect of 196 personal injury claims. In 2010, 162 claims were made in the county worth €4.9 million.

Nationally, claims worth €210 million was awarded in 2011 respect of 9,833 personal injury claims. The average award in the period was €21,339. More than three quarters of awards (76.5 per cent ) were for injuries from road traffic accidents while the remainder were split between workplace (8.4 per cent ) and public place (15.1 per cent ) accidents. County Limerick had the largest number of awards as a proportion of population with County Kilkenny having the lowest number of awards per head of population.


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