Barrett wants €23,000 for Turlough Path

Cllr Harry Barrett has contacted Mayo County Council to demand that an immediate start be made on the missing public footpath between Leichín Village Estate and Millwood Estate, Turlough, Castlebar.

Barrett had asked for the missing path section to be investigated by the planning enforcement section of the local authority, and was informed recently that €23,000 in two cash bonds was lodged with the council when the estates were being built. The money, according to Barrett should now be used to make an immediate start on the missing pathways.

Cllr Barrett said: “I had been contacted by the very progressive residents' associations to see if something could be done about the missing path. It was dangerous for young mothers and children, and was an actual eyesore in the very picturesque Turlough village. I had the matter investigated by the planning enforcement section of Mayo County Council, and they informed me this week that €23,000 is available in cash bonds to finish the job.

“I have now contacted the Castlebar area office to make an immediate start on this project. This should never have gone on this long, and I hope now that the money will be spent expeditiously to link up these estates for the Turlough community.”


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