Unwanted hair removal by Therapie Clinic - just in time for summer

On average, women spend three months of their lives getting rid of unwanted hair. The advice at Therapie Clinic is to call time on painful waxing and shaving and give yourself the gift of laser hair removal – just in time for summer.

Laser hair removal is the most effective treatment to remove unwanted hair. Therapie Clinic uses only the most advanced and precise technology available, using medical-grade lasers which provide superior results, quick treatment times, and patient safety.

How does it work?

The medical-grade laser emits wavelengths of light which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin ). If the surrounding skin is relatively light compared to the colour of the hair then the entire energy of the laser will be concentrated in the hair shaft, effectively destroying it without affecting the skin or follicle. This is why laser hair removal works best on light skin and dark coarse hair, which has the most pigment.

What about fair hair?

Red heads and blondes can also avail of laser hair removal at Therapie Clinic with the revolutionary MediLase system. This treatment uses pure ultrasound to remove all hair colours permanently and is ideal for removing hair on sensitive or pigmented areas such as eyebrows, ears, nose, nipple, and upper lip.

The first step is a free consultation and patch test. A minimum of six treatments is generally recommended with no waxing, threading, tweezing, or bleaching between treatments.

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