The brain-body workout

Curves Castlebar wants to highlight this article, by Laura Quaglio, which appeared in the recent Curves Magazine.

“Regular exercise is the fountain of youth for the brain,” says Larry McCleary, MD. “It not only pumps more blood to all of those hardworking nerve cells but also stimulates the production of chemicals in the nerve cells — ones that stimulate learning and memory. Exercise also helps your brain resist the daily dents and dings associated with ageing.”

Research has shown that regular exercise actually helps generate healthy new brain cells. Exercise can also affect appetite hormones, causing you to feel less hungry throughout the day.

It can even boost memory: A recent study of master’s level athletes (seniors who participate in a sport such as running or swimming ) revealed that the active seniors had better memory recall than their sedentary counterparts .

“It’s easy to get regular exercise in by coming to Curves,” says Katie Mitchell, director of exercise and research for Curves International.

“Exercising three times a week for just 30 minutes is easy and manageable for anyone at any age.”

Mitchell also stresses that Curves provides a complete workout, which includes both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. “So not only are you strengthening your heart and your muscles, but you are also strengthening your brain — all in just half an hour,” she says.

The great news is, it is never too late to begin reaping the brain-boosting benefits of your Curves workout.

“Your brain and your body both have tremendous recuperative potential,” says Dr McCleary.

“When you start exercising regularly, you’ll not only see the difference but also feel the difference.”

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