Jaw problems can be treated at the ISHSKO Centre

Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, tinnitus, dizziness or chronic back trouble? You might suffer from jaw dysfunction. Dr Evelien van Amerongen, who works at the ISHSKO Centre in Westport, specialises in dental diagnostics and treatment of jaw dysfunction.

Problems of this joint can result in jaw clicking, headaches, sinus problems and even loss of hearing or tinnitus. In addition a displaced jaw interferes with our self-regulatory feedback system of our Vital Force, and can distort proper lymph drainage, hormonal flow and structural balance. There are direct and indirect symptoms that indicate temporomandibular joint dysfunction. If you suffer from some of these symptoms, there are chances you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ ).

Direct symptoms:


If the TMJ has been severely irritated or there is a displaced disc at the joint, you may hear your jaw joint clicking, popping or snapping when you chew or even talk.


Sometimes the jaw may actually lock or catch when opened. You must then move the jaw to one side or another until you feel a loud pop, when the jaw unlocks.

Change in bite

Another symptom of TMJ is a noticeable change in your bite or dental occlusion. Over erupted teeth can be an important cause of TMJ problems as the teeth would prematurely come together and cause dental pain.

Indirect symptoms:

Tender facial muscles

Waking up with tender facial muscles is an indication that you are clenching your jaw during sleep.

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