‘Bully boy’ runs ‘riot’ in A&E

A man who, when intoxicated, was threatening and abusive in Accident and Emergency at Mayo General Hospital was sentenced to prison at this week’s sitting of Castlebar District Court.

On the night of April 14 2011, gardaí located Terry McDonagh, 116 Manor Village, Castlebar at A&E, Castlebar; McDonagh’s wife was in A&E at the time. The gardaí wanted to speak to McDonagh about an incident outside the TF Hotel earlier that night, however when they approached the defendant he shouted and roared at them. McDonagh was asked to leave the area but failed to do so and was arrested.

Judge Mary Devins said to the defendant, “Have you any idea how difficult it is for professionals to work in A&E” and then people out there are “causing mayhem because of drunk and aggressive behaviour”. The judge said to McDonagh that in a location where there are a lot of “vulnerable people” waiting to be treated, “you run riot... you are the bully boy”. The judge said that nurses and doctors are trying to cope and “they can do without thugs like you”.

McDonagh was also in court for breaking into a barbers in Castlebar. A co-accused — Michael Reilly, 14 Castlegrove, Castlebar — was also before the court.

On August 11 at 3am, a witness observed the two men kick the door of Eamon’s Barbers, Thomas Street, Castlebar. The two men then gained entry and gardaí arrived at the scene where they observed Reilly ransack the shelves. Reilly had a screwdriver on her person. A total of €170 worth of damage was caused to the premises.

Reilly (21 ) has 21 previous convictions. Judge Mary Devins convicted and fined him €200 for trespassing and sentenced him to three months in prison.

McDonagh, who has 35 previous convictions, was convicted and fined a total of €300 and was sentenced to a total of nine months in prison.


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