Roads in Glenhest are ‘completely ignored’

Westport area councillor John O’Malley has condemned the lack of works done on Glenhest roads, which “are in a terrible state” with potholes. During Monday’s electoral area meeting Cllr O’Malley commented that the whole Glenhest area seems to be “completely ignored”.

The Fine Gael councillor said roads are essential and that other areas of spending should be considered to be cut in order to put money into roads. Cllr O’Malley said he has had “umpteen, dumpteen calls” about cars damaged on these roads and that the council should stop spending money “on flowers and flower pots and all that craic”.

Cllr Margaret Adams agreed that the roads in that area are in a poor state and said perhaps a third roads overseer is needed in the Westport area in order to deal solely with the surrounding Glenhest area.

Director of services Joe Beirne said “there is not a hope” that another person will be taken on due to the slashing of funds.

Cllr Austin Francis O’Malley said that a way to prevent roads from being damaged is for the outdoor staff to open water tables on the roads at this time of year.


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