Combat illness with your Curves workout

Exercise is not just about shedding weight but also about improving health. Many health problems span generations of families and you only need to look back through the medical histories of your ancestors to gain an insight into what health difficulties might be in store for you.

For example type 2 diabetes is definitely one disease which is passed on from generation to generation as it has a strong genetic component. Losing weight is one important part of combating type 2 diabetes, especially if you find you store weight around your midsection. Healthy eating is also extremely important. Regular circuit workouts, like those available at Curves, are ideal at building muscle strength and keeping diabetes under control.

Heart disease is another very common problem in Ireland and one which 30 minutes of exercise a day can help keep under control. Your regular Curves workout covers you for three days and combines an aerobic workout with strength training.

You are more prone to osteoporosis if you smoke or consume a diet deficient in calcium and vitamin D. Brittle bones, as it is more commonly known, benefits from weight-bearing exercise. Osteoporosis is one of the few conditions that worsens if you are thinner because your own body weight stresses bones, but women are at far greater risk for cardiovascular disease, which is exacerbated by being overweight or obese.

Exercise also helps with depression, postmenopausal symptoms, and migraines.

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions and feel it is time to embark on an exercise regime, provided you have medical approval to do so, join Curves, Moneen, Castlebar, telephone 094 925 0805.



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