Inspector McKenna to take over from retiring Supt Murray

Westport native Inspector Joe McKenna will be in charge of policing in the Westport area for the foreseeable future, following Superintendent Mick Murray’s announcement that he is to retire.

Cathaoirleach of Westport Town Council, Councillor Christy Hyland, wished the inspector well in his new role at the town’s joint policing committee meeting on Monday.

Cllr Hyland said that the inspector has his “finger on the pulse” and will no doubt meet any challenges “head on”. Cllr Hyland said that Insp McKenna will continue the good work done by Supt Murray in the town, which was noticeable due to the “nice bit of peace” the town had during the summer as a number of individuals were behind bars.

Insp McKenna said that he would be available “24/7” to the committee for any queries it might have and wished the JPC luck in the continuation of its good work.

The Cathaoirleach of the town also wished Supt Murray well. Cllr Hyland said that he always found the superintendent very “honourable”, “decent”, “courteous and approachable”, and “true to his word”. He said the superintendent had said “he would take on the wrong doers of Westport”, which he did.



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