Women’s fitness studio at Phoenix Total Well Being

Regardless of your fitness level or time restraints, Phoenix Total Well Being, Mount Street, Claremorris, has the right programme for you.

Personal training

Personal training sessions are fun and use innovative training programs that provide full body conditioning through resistance training, Pilates, kettlebells and cardio routines. In small groups or individually, your training sessions are monitored for maximum results. Sessions cost from as little as €10 per person.

Women’s fitness studio

Equipment used is specifically designed to help women lose weight, tone up and increase flexibility. In just 40 minutes you can have a complete body work-out at your own pace and fitness level.

There are also group sessions to motivate and inspire you throughout your work-out, making gym sessions fun and enjoyable instead of a chore. Classes cost only €5.

Gym membership

At Phoenix Total Well Being the instructors combine both cardio and resistance training to strengthen your heart, as well as the other muscles of the body, to achieve a total body work-out. Staff monitor and assess your exercise programme on a monthly basis, and adjust your routine as necessary for maximum results. They vary your work-out using kettlebells, cardio, weight, and resistance equipment. Membership is only €35 a month.

Take your first step today on the road to fitness, and join Phoenix Total Well Being to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. For information contact Steven on 086 836 5411.


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