Westport area briefs

by Geraldine Carr

Accidents occurring at Barley Hill

Westport area Councillor John O’Malley voiced concern about the number of accidents which are occurring on the N59 from the industrial estate to Barley Hill, due to the “awful slippy surface” which is in place. The Fine Gael councillor said that there have been several accidents on this stretch, with three occurring in one evening.

Cllr Peter Flynn agreed that Barley Hill has “been badly managed”, and said the placement of warning signage was too slow, as “already a lot of people are out of pocket due to accidents”.

Senior engineer Padraig Walsh said that the overlay contract was NRA funded and was carried out by a contractor late last year. However there was a problem with the surface dressing, which may have been an issue due to the cold weather, but it is a contractual issue and the contractor, who also had to place the signs, intends to resurface the road in the near future.

Cllr O’Malley said that the contractor is “getting away with murder” and that the “council should make them do work which they are paid to do”.

Director of services, Joe Beirne said “we were annoyed with aspects of the work carried out” and that the council is working its way “through a contract dispute”.

Newport Road rumble strips not working

Cllr Flynn welcomed the concealed entrance signage on Newport Road, however he said that the yellow rumble strips “are a waste of time” as they do not slow down traffic and he asked whether the strips could be raised.

Mr Walsh said that this was considered before the work was carried out but as it is a residential area the council was conscious that thicker strips would have noise associated with them.


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