Acupuncture specialising in infertility

A tailor made treatment for you

Choosing an established acupuncture practitioner with a proven track record in fertility is of utmost importance, as are communication and trust. Naturally, fertility is an emotive area, and reassurance and understanding are a very important part of the treatment. Professional acupuncturist Rachel Gallagher has been working in this area for approximately six years and has a proven success rate.

Each person has a personalised protocol including techniques such as acupuncture; Chinese herbs; relaxation techniques; nutrition advice – specialised fertility diets; the use of appropriate vitamins and minerals; flower remedies; herbal remedies; explanation of techniques and support throughout cycle definition and techniques to understand how and when to get pregnant.

The amalgamation of these techniques can deliver positive results although, depending on various factors, may take time, patience, positive thinking, and sometimes western medical help. It however works alongside western treatments including, but not only: IUI, ART, IVF, ICSI and NAPRO and improves the chances of getting pregnant with these methods by approximately 15 per cent.

Crossmolina native Rachel Gallagher has been working in the north west for the past six years, and has a special interest in fertility and gynaecological issues. There is no upfront payment and treatment works on a pay as you go basis, so there is no obligation to the treatment.

For more information visit, or email [email protected]. Or if you would like an appointment or a chat in comfort and confidence, call Rachel Gallagher on 096 31354 or 087 054 4241, without any obligation.


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