How do I lose weight from my tummy and inner and outer thighs?

Choose System 10

On most weight loss plans the amount of fat being burned is tiny and you never really get to the fat stores in these areas. This is one of the main reasons people “stick” after three weeks – they were never burning much fat in the first place, and were mainly losing water and some toxins, you can only lose so much of this before your results run dry.

Secondly, due to metabolism changes, especially hormone imbalances that build up as you get older, the access to fat in these areas is very limited. You need to address these imbalances.

Thirdly, you need to hit these areas with good toning exercises.

For most people who have given up trying to lose weight from these areas, the reality is that you probably never really targeted these areas before. So you should not give up but look for the right plan with the right ingredients which are:

A balanced diet that makes sure you do not under-eat.

Cardio exercise that gets you breathless and that progresses in pace as the weeks go by.

Toning exercises which target these muscles.

Metabolism correction which addresses your imbalances and opens the doors to burning fat from these areas.

That is why System 10 was created – to put everything you need in the one package for you.

For more information or to get started on a programme contact Grace on 087 172 7882.



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