Are you letting stress affect your weight?

You may have noticed a link between being stressed and your weight. When you are rushing around and feeling stressed you may also be doing one of several things such as missing meals, reaching for sugary snacks when your energy is low, consuming more caffeine, abandoning exercise because you feel too tired or too busy, or not getting enough sleep, which in turn is leading you to gain weight.

How then can LighterLife help you manage your life more effectively and become slimmer? LighterLife is so much more than a diet. The activities in its weekly group meetings will give you thinking time and the tools to address some of the reasons around why and when you eat and what you eat.

With LighterLife you discover the techniques that help you stop and re-examine your habits and behaviours around food.

As part of the LighterLife journey you will also learn tools for change and for managing stress. By learning how to be calmer and more relaxed you can learn how to manage stress, lose weight, and become slimmer.

To find out more about the LighterLife weight-loss and weight-management programmes and to meet your LighterLife weight-management counsellor call Margaret Fahy on 094 937 7885 or email her at [email protected]


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