Jail for brothers who assulted men at petrol station

Two men in their twenties who assulted two others at a petrol station in Ballina — which resulted in one of the injured parties being rendered unconscious and recieiving staples in his head — were sentenced at Ballina District Court this week.

Patrick and Martin Collins, both from 17 Fenian Row, Ballina pleaded guilty to charges brought before them (section two and three assaults respectively ) arising out of an incident which happened on March 24 at 4am.

Garda Michael Munnelly told the court that after he received a call to go to the Shell filling station on the Foxford road in Ballina he observed a young man who was unconscious on the ground. The injured man was bleeding on the left hand side of his head. While waiting for the ambulance Gda Munnelly observed Patrick approach another man at the scene and speak into his ear in a “threatening manner”. This man later told the gardaí that he had been assulted by Patrick Collins.

CCTV from the store was viewed which showed Patrick Collins assulting one man with hits from his fists and head-butts, while Martin Collins was seen dealting one blow to another man which knocked him to the ground.

According to the defendants’ solicitor, Alan Gannon, the fight broke out after the two injured parties pulled into the garage to get petrol. While there, Martin Collins and an acquaintance also pulled up. The friend of Martin Collins was smoking and was asked by one of the injured parties to put the cigarette out as it was a dangerous thing to do alongside a petrol pump. Words were then exchanged.

Patrick Collins then happened to come upon the scene and instead of asking questions as to what was occuring he just assulted one of the men while Martin Collins began attacking the other.

Mr Gannon explained that Martin Collins (20 ), who has never been in trouble before, did not mean to render the man unconscious.

Patrick Collins, who is in his mid 20s, has 20 previous convictions and according to his solicitor has a “problem with the law in that he keeps breaking it”. Paddy Collins is unemployed, lives with his parents and is engaged.

Judge Mary Devins convicted and fined Patrick Collins €500, ordered that €500 be paid to the man he assulted, and sentenced him to three months in prison. Martin Collins was convicted and fined €750 for the section three assult, ordered to pay €750 in compensation to the man that he assulted, and sentenced him to 28 days in prison. Martin Collins also faced another summons for the non display of L plates on June 18 where he was fined €50. Recognisances for both men were fixed.


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