Ryanair levy is 'un-fare' to passengers - Higgins

Jim Higgins MEP, a member of the European Parliament's Transport Committee, has expressed disappointment at Ryanair's decision to impose an additional €2 levy on customers, which the airline has said is a means of recouping revenue lost due to travel disruption caused by heavy winter snow.

“I appreciate that the aviation industry suffered huge losses due to the weather disruption this year, but it was something that impacted on airlines across Europe, and yet Ryanair is the only company we know of that is imposing levies as a result. The firm has blamed strict EU rules on compensation for its decision. I agree that some elements of the rules are too stringent but there is a review of regulations ongoing and those concerns are being taken into account,” the North West MEP said.

“We need to protect consumers and I think this levy is unfair to passengers. Airlines are well aware of the market conditions and rules that exist. While the winter disruption was unfortunate, we cannot allow companies to use these occurrences as an excuse to push up fees. Other similarly profitable companies have not felt obligated to increase fares in this manner,” Mr Higgins concluded.



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