Manchester-bound flight hit flock of birds causing engine damage

A BMI Baby flight, which departed from Knock Airport in October 2009, struck a flock of lapwings and suffered multiple bird strikes on take-off, according to an air accident investigation.

The investigation occurred after the Manchester-bound flight was diverted to Shannon Airport where it landed safely. After take-off the plane hit the flock of birds head-on and cabin crew reported unusual smells in the cabin and significant vibrations on the left side of the aircraft. Air traffic control confirmed to the crew that dead birds were found on the runway.

There were 127 passengers and five crew members on board but no one was injured. However both engines of the Boeing 737 were damaged. The investigation found that no bird patrol had been carried out by the airport staff for approximately two and a half hours prior to take-off.

According to the investigation unit the purpose of the investigation was the prevention of aviation accidents and incidents and not to apportion blame or liability.



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