Two year driving ban for 18-year-old caught twice driving without insurance

An 18-year-old mother of one was given a two year driving ban in Claremorris District Court this week. Aiste Adamonite, 24 Meadow Court, Claremorris, pleaded guilty to both charges in court.

Inspector Joe Doherty told the court that at 8.04pm on October 5 2010, Adamonite was stopped by gardaí on Dalton Street and told to produce her insurance and driving licence within 10 days at a Garda station. She failed to produce either within the 10 days.

He went on to tell the court that Adamonite was stopped again on November 15 2010 at 12.55am and asked to produce her driving licence and insurance, to which she replied that she was getting some next week. She failed to produce either driving licence or insurance within 10 days at a Garda station for a second time.

Judge David Anderson convicted and fined Adamonite €250, and disqualified her from driving for one year for each offence of driving without insurance to be served consecutively.


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