Councillors concerned about speeding in Ballina estates

A number of members of the Ballina Joint Policing Committee have reported receiving representations from a number of residents and residents’ associations about speeding in estates in the town.

Town engineer Michael O’Grady stated at the December meeting that the problem is not that people are actually breaking speed limits, it is more that they are driving too fast for the estates. He added that most of the modern estates were designed so that people had to reduce their speed in them. The problem, he said, would be more prevalent in older estates that had long straight roads and the council was putting in speed ramps in two estates in the town. However ramps were something that the emergency services, especially the ambulance service, were not in favour of.

“If people are experiencing this problem, they should come forward and tell us because if we’re not informed of the problem then there is nothing we can do about it,” Sgt Tony Lavelle from Ballina Garda Station told the meeting.


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