Jail for man who asserted Garda trying to arrest his friend

A Claremorris man who assaulted a garda who was arresting his friend and then smashed the window of the patrol car after his arrest was sentenced to five months in prison in Claremorris District Court this week.

Garda David Hanley told the court that on June 8 2010 at 12.35am he was on patrol in Claremorris on Dalton Street, when he saw two men standing outside a takeaway. He said the men were being abusive towards the staff inside and he asked Owen McDonnagh 56 Sruthain, Turlough Road, Castlebar and Michael Reilly, 25 Chapel Court, Chapel Lane, Claremorris, to leave the area and go home. Garda Hanley said he saw McDonnagh abuse the owner of the takeaway, then spit at the door and call the staff “black paki c***s”. When Garda Hanley asked him to go home McDonnagh complained that he was refused entry to the takeaway, which according to Garda Hanley had already closed for the night. The two men started to walk away only for McDonnagh to turn around and shout back at Garda Hanley, “sure we’re Irish and their black pakis” after which Garda Hanley arrested him.

Reilly interfered in the arrest which necessitated the calling of back-up for the gardaí at the scene. Reilly had to be restrained while McDonnagh was being put into the patrol car, while he was being restrained he made a number of threats to the gardaí and spat in the face of Garda Peter Sarsfield. When Reilly was finally in the patrol car he headbutted the side window of the car, smashing it, before he was transported to Claremorris Garda Station.

Reilly was also in court to face charges of handling stolen property, to which he also pleaded guilty. The court was told that on June 3 2010 Robeen National School was broken into and three laptops and one camcorder were stolen from the school. On June 5 2010, Reilly’s home was searched and the goods were recovered. Judge John Coughlan convicted and fined McDonnagh €500 for threatening and abusive behaviour and €50 for being intoxicated in a public place. Judge Coughlan convicted and sentenced Reilly to five months in prison for receiving stolen property and for a section two assault he sentenced him to five months in prison to be served concurrently.


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