Fear for future of Western Rail Corridor

Recent reports suggesting that the next phase of the Western Rail Corridor is in doubt is deeply worrying and the Transport Minister Noel Dempsey must clarify the matter immediately, according to Labour’s Dr. Jerry Cowley.

“This is extremely worrying and another example of how this Government is failing the West.” he said.

“It is particularly disturbing when one considers that the Transport Minister, Noel Dempsey told the Dail as late as June 24 last that the next phase of the Western Rail corridor is to proceed on time.”

Dr Cowley said it was worrying to hear Minister Dempsey state in the Dail last week that he had laid out his priorities as the two major projects he wanted to advance were the interconnector and the metro, ‘which will take six years to complete rather than the three and a half years we talked about. Money is and will be required for both projects from this year on.’

“I would like the Minister to immediate come out and make a statement on the matter to find out exactly what is the position regarding the rail project,” said Dr. Cowley.


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