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Councillors to hold work shop on reducing parking charges

By Colm Gannon

Fine Gael councillor Tom Connolly handed over a petition signed by 702 people from Claremorris calling on the council to bring in a one hour free parking for on street parking in the town. “The people are moving away from the town centre to do their shopping to the big supermarkets because they offer free parking,” Cllr Connolly told the meeting. “Mayo County Council will have to look at making some kind of concession or the middle of the town will close down and there will be no rates coming in from the rate payers.”

Ballinrobe based councillor Michael Burke told the meeting, “If you got 702 in Claremorris you could probably get 1,700 in Ballinrobe to sign this. We need to help the businesses out, if not there won’t be shops in the middle of the town anymore.”

Independent councillor Richard Finn said: “A trial period of six to 12 months on a idea like this needs to be tried out and looked at properly. There is no guarantee that it will work, but we need to see what we can do to help the rate payers.”

Director of services for Mayo County Council, Seamus Granahan, agreed to hold a workshop with the councillors before the next meeting of the committee to go through the proposals and see what could be worked out in regard to the proposal.

Green area in need of major overhaul

Cllr Tom Connolly in a notice of motion called for Mayo County Council to plough, renovate, and reseed the centre green area of Clareville estate in Claremorris. “This has gone on far too long,” he said. “Why wasn’t this work snagged before the estate was taken over? It’s in such a bad shape that the residents can’t cut the grass on it and we should put it right.” Cllr Richard Finn supported the proposal and also asked about putting in speed ramps in the estate to stop the issue of cars racing up and down the estate.

Senior engineer for Mayo County Council, Tom Ferrick, told the meeting that the council cut the green area in the last few weeks, but agreed that it was in bad condition and residents would find it difficult to cut, but that the council had carried out all the work possible from the development bond paid when taking over the estate. In relation to putting in speed ramps he told the meeting they cost €2,500 each and he did not have the money to do it. Director of services Seamus Granahan told the meeting that council would get an estimate on the works and see what could be done.

Sympathies to Cllr O’Brien

The members of the Claremorris electoral area committee of Mayo County Council extended their sympathies to Fine Gael councillor Patsy O’Brien on the recent death of his father at their monthly meeting this week.

Councillors Damien Ryan, Tom Connelly, Richard Finn, John Cribben, and Michael Burke all expressed their sympathy to Cllr O’Brien. He thanked all the members on the behalf of his family, and everyone who had attended the funeral and expressed their condolences.



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