Coaching for resilience

As Ireland navigates turbulent seas Executive Coaching played a starring role in a recent hugely successful initiative offered by FÁS to redundant executives. The programme, designed by Paula King, a director with Executive Coaching Solutions Limited, in partnership with FÁS, recognised that a sense of control, mastery, and social support are crucial elements in sustaining mental health. The programme also recognised the importance of combating feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and depression.

The programme drew from the coaching philosophy which emphasises the importance of self-efficacy, the knowledge that one can succeed, as a motivational force for attempting new challenges. Participants commented positively on the impact the executive coaching had on their lives, providing them with the tools and emotional strength to cope with challenges which demanded, at times, a total rethink of how they were approaching their working lives.

Coaching, with its focus on empowerment and self awareness, is becoming a common tool for organisations and individuals who wish to succeed in an extraordinarily difficult economy. Initially the coaching process may involve extensive work, examining and formulating one's personal values and interests, and creating a personal mission statement. This is similar to a business strategy and mission statement for the organisation. There may be coaching around aligning the personal purpose and objectives with those of the organisation.

The astute coach will help the person examine gaps or openings between what they believe they do and what they actually do. This is fertile ground for personal growth and development, but is also the area where people can become defensive and resistant. It takes a talented coach to help someone out of these stuck areas, or blind spots, where they may not see with clarity. This is where the effective coach uses finely-tuned listening and observing skills. Some talented coaches have spoken of the magic of asking the right question at just the right time.

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