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Being an island off an island, we in Ireland are uniquely dependent on the transport industry whether it is haulage or the passenger sectors. Especially in these very challenging times, transport and logistics offers many excellent opportunities for those wishing to set up their own haulage or passenger business or job seekers wishing to access employment in this fundamentally important economic sector.

The certificate of professional competence (CPC ) in transport management (which is obligatory if you want to put your own truck or bus on the road ) is increasingly becoming a prerequisite to pursuing a career in transport. As well as enhancing your career, qualifying you as a transport manager and up-skilling, it is also an internationally recognised qualification for life. If you are unemployed or facing the loss of your job you may be entitled to funding for the course from FÁS, Local Employment Offices (Obair ), or Social Welfare.

Certified by the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics, the subjects covered in the course include setting up and managing a transport business, effective marketing techniques, employment, health and safety, contract law, costing/pricing and financial management, tachograph and hours of driving legislation, and national and international documentation. Approved CPC courses in transport management are run at weekends by Tony Hynes, who has successfully put thousands of students through the CPC exam by using his own specially developed materials and his unique dynamic delivery style. also run driver CPC courses for truck and bus drivers at 30 venues nationwide. 

If you wish to obtain further information contact Tony Hynes on 086 245 8379 , 087 636 3003, email [email protected] or visit


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