Litter lout may face jail

A Ballina woman may face jail after litter charges were brought against her by Ballina Town Council when evidence linking her to rubbish dumped at the Killala Road was found.

Ballina’s litter/traffic warden Val Padden said that on June 17 this year he was alerted to dumping at Laghadawannagh, Killala Road, Ballina. There was one bag of rubbish beside a gate and more strewn further down the road. Evidence linking Jennifer Maloney, 102 St Patrick’s Estate, Ballina was discovered.

The court heard that Maloney was convicted for littering before, however the defendant was not in court and her defending solicitor did not have knowledge of such convictions. Judge Mary Devins said that she is considering imposing a custodial sentence and issued a bench warrant for sentencing.


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