Good Morning With Joan goes from strength to strength on CRCfm

Ratings at Community Radio Castlebar have risen in recent weeks as new presenter Joan Geraghty develops a following for her talk show on Monday mornings.

The former Mayo News journalist who hails from Castlebar but lives in Westport, has been hosting a wide range of top-notch guests on Good Morning With Joan over the past few weeks - with topics on everything from death and dying to the development of the county town coming up for discussion.

In one interview, Westport solicitor, Karen O'Malley, was featured on Good Morning with Joan and spoke about the growing popularity of mediation in disputes now which dispenses with the need for opposing parties to fight each other in court.

Castlebar businessman Oliver Kelleher also spoke on air to Joan about the intricacies involved in staying motivated in business and highlighted the unfair situation that persists in relation to the lack of a safety net for business people chasing debts in contrast to the NAMA handout that has saved the banks.

Property manager and auctioneer, Teresa Walsh from Lecanvey, chatted to Joan about the much-transformed property market in the country now, citing one example of a €620,000 house in Westport now fetching just €450,000 on the market.

Editor of Social & Personal Magazine PJ Gibbons, a native of Louisburgh, also discussed the media world with Joan and anticipated a bumper edition of the magazine for the December issue to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Asked how his hometown of Louisburgh had developed over the years, PJ, who has lived in Dublin for over 15 years now, suggested that if anything, Louisburgh is now 'quieter' than it ever was.

Mayo Advertiser editor Toni Bourke provided a fascinating insight into her life in the media, acknowledging that the responsibility attached to her role was sometimes a lot to shoulder for a young 29-year-old woman.

Finally, business woman Angela Ferrara, former proprietor of Bella Lusso lingerie in Castlebar, reported on her amazing weight loss of seven stone since January of this year - brought about by eating chocolate. The chocolate in question is of course of the healthy, dark chocolate, high in cacoa variety, brand name xocai.

Last week 'Good Morning with Joan' featured another riveting discussion on the subject of business networking. Networking expert, Sandra Hart, who together with her husband Andy Hart brought the very successful Business Network International model to the west of Ireland, passed on some brilliant tips about how to succeed in business and is due to return as a regular guest to the show with yet more amazing business tips.

You can tune in to ‘Good Morning with Joan’ on Community Radio Castlebar on 102.9FM or listen on-line by logging on to and clicking 'listen live'.



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