Ballina mayor calls councillor a ‘spoilt child’

Mayor of Ballina Town Council, Councillor Mary Kelly, called Cllr Michelle Mulherin a “spoilt child” during the town’s reconvened monthly meeting following Cllr Mulherin’s request that the minutes from the previous meeting be amended. Cllr Mulherin claimed that she did not say that the town clerk had a hidden agenda based on pressure from Fianna Fáil.

The mayor said that the Fine Gael councillor’s “recollection of the night was not 100 per cent clear” and that she wanted “what suits to be recorded”. The Independent councillor then made the “spoilt child” comment, saying that the majority of meetings are taken up with Cllr Mulherin’s issues, with the agenda not being completed, hence the reconvened meeting on Tuesday. Deputy mayor Cllr Frances McAndrew concurred that Cllr Mulherin was delaying meetings “every time”.

Cllr Kelly said that that the situation was “just ridiculous” and the amendment to the minutes was passed.


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