Castlebar shaving product takes on a whole new look

Tom Murphy pictured with Total Shaving Solution.

Tom Murphy pictured with Total Shaving Solution.

The average man shaves 25,000 times during his lifetime. That’s the equivalent of a whopping 150 days standing in front of the bathroom mirror. Given the time that men spend shaving, it’s no surprise that three-quarters feel the whole process is a bit of a chore.

A 100 per cent natural shaving oil is making things a lot easier — minimising such shaving bug-bears as nicks, cuts, raw skin, and razor burn. Now Total Shaving Solution, an Irish-made product, has an eye-catching new look

This luxurious but light oil is completely free of dyes, alcohol, perfume, soap, or artificial chemicals. Its unique formulation is a blend of sesame, grape seed, and soya bean oils with lavender, clove, and organic menthol. The blend contains skin-repairing vitamins and has completely natural antiseptic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties.

Total Shaving Solution is also a very cost-effective shaving product. Just three drops of the unique oil will guarantee a perfectly smooth shave and completely comfortable skin. In fact, a 10ml bottle will provide 90 of the closest and most comfortable shaves you’ve ever had.

The product is also ideal when travelling, as its small size means it won’t fall foul of air travel restrictions on liquids; and it is produced without any animal testing.

If all that wasn’t enough to recommend it, Castlebar man Tom Murphy of Total Shaving Solution is so confident in the product that he offers a full money-back guarantee to anyone who is not 100 per cent satisfied. Log onto for shaving facts and tips, as well as details of a forthcoming free trial offer.


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