Jail for ‘menace’ who drove while disqualified

A Polish man who drove around Mayo sightseeing, even though he was disqualified from driving, and was detected drink driving in Castlebar after attending a party, was sentenced to six months in prison by Judge Mary Devins at Castlebar District Court this week.

Sebastian Kasprzyk, 18 Dun Durrach, Dublin Road, Longford, was arrested by gardaí on August 10 at 1.55am on Main Street, Castlebar, for drink driving. A breath sample showed 84mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

The court heard that Kasprzyk, who is disqualified from driving for 10 years for previous incidents, borrowed his father’s car so that he and his friend could sightsee around Mayo, before they went to a party in Castlebar.

Solicitor James Hanley said that the defendant would like a postponement in any custodial sentence which is imposed as he wants to work for a few weeks to save money for his partner and child.

Before sentencing, Judge Mary Devins said that the defendant was a ‘menace’. She convicted and fined him €1,000 for drink driving, disqualified him from driving for 10 years, with a certificate of competence to be obtained before he can drive again, and sentenced him to three months in prison, with the warrant not to issue before December 1. For having no insurance Kasprzyk was convicted and fined €1,000, disqualified for 10 years concurrent, and sentenced to three months in jail consecutive with the warrant not to issue until December 1.



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