Balla Mart report

On Saturday October 3 Balla Mart held its usual cattle sale. There were 1,000 cattle on offer in three rings. Trading prices were good and were on average similar to last week, with more farmers buying and the quality lots were improved.

Bullocks averaged from €122.01 to €147.39 p/100kg while heifers averaged from €144.15 to €155.26.

There were some excellent prices achieved, for example a CHX bullock 775kg made €1,280 and a BBX heifer 405kg at €1,065, ie, 2.62c/kg, and a 525kg BBX heifer at €1,225, ie 2.33c/kg.

Best prices

Bullocks: 380kg LMX €800; 490kg CHX €905; 690kg CHX €1,195; 775kg CHX €1,280.

Heifers: 250kg CHX €415; 375kg CHX €710; 405kg BBX €1,065; 525kg BBX €1,225.

There were 123 cows on offer and one good pair made €1,290.

On Tuesday September 29 the Balla Mart weanling sale took place. There were 600 weanlings on offer. Quality weanlings were a very good trade with exporters buying as well as some local farmers. Plainer and lighter calves were less than the same day last year but improved on last week for the bulls.

Bull weanlings averaged from €165.61 to €187.14 p/100kg while heifers averaged from €146.65 to €173.29.

There was some excellent prices paid for example a BBX bull 325kg made €1,050, ie, 3.23c/kg.

Best prices

Bull weanlings: 155kg SI €330; 325kg BBX €1,050; 415kg BBX €1,120; 600kg LMX €1,170.

Heifer weanlings: 195kg CHX €400; 230kg BBX €530; 320kg BBX €655.

This weekend

This Saturday October 10 will be the next sale and on Tuesday Balla Mart will be having its weanling sale, a day sale, starting at 11am. Booking on Thursday from 9.30am to 1pm.

 There will also be a special sale of in-calf heifers in conjunction with the usual sale on Saturday.



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