Westport area briefs

Adams ‘deplores’ non provision of Early Bird service

During Monday morning’s meeting of the Westport Electoral Area, Fianna Fáil Councillor Margaret Adams said : “I deplore the decision by Irish Rail not to provide an Early Bird Service”, following last week’s announcement by Iarnród Éireann that they were not increasing rail services to and from Westport.

Fine Gael Cllr Peter Flynn said that councillors were lied to to their face by Iarnród Éireann representative Myles McHugh, who assured them that extra services and an early service to Dublin would commence in the autumn. Cllr Austin Francis O’Malley commented that the failure to provide an Early Bird train “is a bloody disgrace”.

Director of services Peter Hynes said that Mr McHugh would be asked to attend a meeting.

Funding for cycling initiative applied for

Director of services Peter Hynes outlined that an application to the Department of Transport — which is investing in sustainable transport— has been made, for the upgrade of the railway line walkway to include a cycleway which will connect to schools, Allergan, and industrial parks, all of which would fit into the ethos of Westport as a tourist and green town. Mr Hynes said that a decision will be made shortly on the application and all councillors welcomed the plan.

Voluntary housing organisation might take over vacant Lodge Road house

Cllr Flynn raised the status of the large council house on the Lodge Road, which was provided to accommodate travellers and which has remained unoccupied since the family vacated the premises.

Senior executive housing officer Martin Keating explained that no families waiting for accommodation have since been suited to the house, but said that discussions have been ongoing with a voluntary housing organisation who may take over the house.

‘Accident waiting to happen’ at Carrowholly crossroads

Chair of the committee Cllr John O’Malley enquired as to improving safety at the Carrowholly crossroads, opposite Duffy’s house, where he believes a fatal accident will occur.

Senior executive engineer Ger Reidy agreed that it was a dangerous location and said that there was a need to improve visibility there.

Area committee should meet more often

Cllr Flynn suggested that councillors should meet once a month rather that every two months as set out in the standing orders. The Fine Gael Cllr said that there are too many issues to discuss which occur over a two month period and it is not possible to have an efficient meeting when there is a Mayo County Council meeting on the same day.

Councillors Adams and John O’Malley said that the committee should remain meeting every two months and said it was easier for them to have both area and county meetings on the same day.


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