Glynn’s Homevalue for the best products and advice for your home build

Glynn’s Homevalue Energy Centre is an all-encompassing centre featuring a well-researched product range that includes solar panels, solar tubes, air to water pumps, heat recovery ventilation systems, wood pellet boilers, and insulation. It is the first of its kind in the west of Ireland and offers expert advice on all aspects of heating and insulation with a particular emphasis on energy saving. All buildings, whether new or second-hand, require a building energy rating if they are being sold or rented, as from January this year energy efficiency and renewable energy is no longer the domain of a person with an eco passion, it is now the law.

Glynn’s offers a wide range of solar, insulation, and heating systems and Glynn’s has some handy tips for those who are looking to put floor insulation into their house. Speak to the staff at Glynn’s at the planning stage, because people often find when they have the house started the plans do not leave enough space for high spec floor insulation. It is important that people building a house have a consultation if they want underfloor heating.

Glynn’s offers a range of solar panel solutions which staff will be happy to talk through with anyone in the planning stage of building a new home. The company also offers and advises on a wide range of heating/immersion systems and the cost savings that can be made when constructing a new home. Glynn’s Homevalue, Unit 17, Lakeside Business Park, Claremorris.



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