Munnelly looks for road works to be tendered to ensure they are completed

Cllr Jarlath Munnelly

Cllr Jarlath Munnelly

Fine Gael councillor Jarlath Munnelly has asked Mayo County Council to consider putting a bundle of its roadworks projects out for tender, to ensure they are completed this year. Speaking at Mayo County Council’s April meeting this week, Cllr Munnelly said: “We will be under pressure in what is a very large roads project this year to get them all finished, it is April now and everybody knows with Covid we have been set back. I think the county council has to make a serious effort to get this done.

"We have road-making companies in this county who carry out great work on national projects and other roads. We need to get this work done, I would like to see us put together a bundle of roads and put them out to tender in their totality and let them work long days and get this roads programme wiped out during the summer months.”

Responding to Cllr Munnelly, director of services for the council, Tom Gilligan, said: “Covid willing, it is our aim to get the plan done by the end of November and I am confident that we can, but it is all Covid willing.”


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