Daly calls for protest to stop pension age Increase

People Before Profit general election candidate Joe Daly

People Before Profit general election candidate Joe Daly

Next year the age at which a person qualifies for a state pension will increase to 67. Each year’s increase in the pension age costs a worker €12,911 a year. So, next year, the Irish state will save €25,822 for every worker in the country.

Joe Daly the general election candidate for People Before Profit Mayo stated: "This is a shocking robbery and must be stopped. There is no justification for it given that Irish workers are now far more productive, creating far more wealth per worker than ever before. This will be one of the highest retirement ages in the developed world. According to a study by the Finnish Centre for Pensions indicates that Ireland ranks eighth out of 36 countries for the highest pension age.”

"We are calling for people angry at this robbery to join a protest this Saturday, January 25 at 12pm at Market Square in Castlebar to stop this disgraceful attack on workers’ pensions”

"If they get away with this now, it will be raised to 68 by 2028 and even higher after that. I am calling on the unions SIPTU and FÓRSA in particular to mobilise their members to join this protest. In France - Macron recently tried to increase the pension age from 62 to 64 but the French unions mobilised and forced him to backtrack.”

"I would also like to remind people that it was the Fianna Fáil - Green coalition in March 2010 that introduced the law to allow for this cut while the Fine Gael-Labour coalition then pulled the trigger to enact it, this should be a clear warning for people not to vote for any party that would prop up any of these right wing parties”

"People Before Profit will fight to restore the pension age to 65 and reduce it further in the future, but we need a strong people powered campaign to do so."


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