Anam Cara evening for bereaved parents

Anam Cara Mayo, will host a parent support evening in the TF Royal Hotel, Castlebar, on January 28 at 7.20pm.

Sadly, over 2,000 families a year lose a child and Anam Cara is there to support these bereaved parents at a time when they need it most. The organisation provides a safe and comfortable space in which to remember and to be open with your grief. Anam Cara parent groups provide support from other bereaved parents who know what it’s like to feel shattered and isolated. Anam Cara will support you no matter where you are on your journey, how old your child was or how they died.

One bereaved Dad recently commented: “It’s an opportunity for fathers in particular to be in an empathetic situation and meet other bereaved fathers, and express shared grief. Unfortunately, fathers have less opportunity to share their grief and emotional pain than mothers who are likely to have more opportunity to express emotions.”

This Event is open to all bereaved parents regardless the age of your child or circumstances of their death.

Bereaved parents can also visit the website, where in their own time they can watch short videos with testimonies from bereaved parents and couples who have attended Anam Cara events. The videos, which are just four minutes each, show parents interviewed on topics like A Dad’s Grief, Sudden and Traumatic Death, and The Grieving Family.


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